Black Marriage Day next year is March 17, 2013 so as not to compete with Palm Sunday and Easter.  It’s our 10 year anniversary and we’re so excited.  Our theme is Marriage Changes Things.  More than 300 communities across the country are organizing events to celebrate marriage in the Black community.   There are many things you can do to get ready for Black Marriage Day 2013. 

Organize a Black Marriage Day First Comes Love Film Festival.  Encourage youth in two categories, high school and college age, to tell the story of how marriage looks in their community.   Allow them to be a mirror for your city.  Educate them on why marriage matters.  Everything you need to have a red carpet event like applications, flyers and press releases, can be found in the  Use the free software winzip to open this file. 

You can also induct couples into the Black Marriage Day Marriage Hall of Fame.  Many cities held fabulous events this year that told the joy and pain of couples struggling against odds to have wedded bliss.  We give you everything you need to have a memorable event. 

If you just want to use your own creativity and have an event that represents our community, we welcome that too.  We’ve provided templates for flyers, posters, and press releases.  There are facts sheets too on why marriage matters and why we celebrate Black Marriage Day.  Get more info at 



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                                              March 17, 2013