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Our Programs

Black Marriage Day

Our signature program, Black Marriage Day, continues to be an incredible success.  Do an Internet search for Black Marriage Day and read about the amazing events held around the country.  More than 300 communities across the country organize events to celebrate marriage in the Black community.   Black Marriage Day is March 26, 2023.  There were many things done for Black Marriage Day 2022.  What will you do for Black Marriage Day?  For more info visit  Black Marriage Day.  


Basic Training for Couples

This is a marriage education curriculum designed to meet the needs of couples interested in marriage, those that are engaged, married and those in love and trouble. It is an eight-session curriculum designed to help couples accomplish the following:
• Increase their awareness of the benefits of marriage
• Improve their communication skills
• Improve their ability to manage conflict
• Increase their commitment to the relationship leading to marital stability

This program can be done with groups or individual couples.  All of our programs can be done virtually.


Making Music in Your Marriage

"Making Music in Your Marriage" (MMM) is an innovative approach to marriage education that strengthens your skill set as a couple, while learning how to fortify your union against an ever-changing combination of challenges. We use music, dance and laughter to make the point: happy marriages work, when you work happily at marriage! 


Professional Development/ Technical Assistance

Working with underserved, marginalized communities can be challenging.  We have decades of experience attracting couples, men, and women to programs.  Allow us to provide the professional development and or technical assistance that can make all the difference in your programs.

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