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Wedded Bliss Foundation

Our Mission

Wedded Bliss Foundation understands how relationships can impact every area of your life.  Our mission is to provide resources to help people make their dreams of healthy relationships and healthy marriages that lead to better outcomes for children come true. Our goal is to create foundations for healthy relationship skills to be passed down from couple to child and then from their family to their children.  We want strong marriages to be seen as generational wealth.  We want couples to thrive with a skill set that helps them achieve Wedded Bliss.

Couples come to us having experienced both the joy and the pain a relationship can bring. We help couples develop the skills to create healthy relationships and healthy marriages so everyone can live their best life with the people they love the most. Join us virtually for a class, consultation, professional development, or technical assistance.    We serve committed couples, engaged and or married couples.  We have what you need to ensure success.   

 Things can get overwhelming and disrupt your amazing relationship.  Things can get better with the right information and skills.  Wedded Bliss can be yours and we can show you how.

Meet the Team


Dr. Nisa Muhammad is the Executive Director of Wedded Bliss Foundation.  She is also the founder and brainchild behind Black Marriage Day.  She worked with Dr. Rozario Slack to develop Basic Training for Couples.  Her goals are to help make couples' relationship dreams come true. She can be reached at

Jamil Muhammad is the Director of Programs at Wedded Bliss Foundation.  He is the brainchild behind the exciting curriculum Making Music in Your Marriage.  Mr. Muhammad is focused on helping men understand their role in creating a healthy relationship and healthy marriage. He can be reached at


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